Taejin Kim, who made the home run ceremony with Russell, “I wanted to do it hip” 

Addison Russell, a foreign hitter who returned to Kiwoom Heroes, can he make better memories this time? Once the ceremony is ready.

Russell hit a two-run home run in a home game against the Samsung Lions on the 24th. It was the first home run in an exhibition game to relieve the frustration of the past.

After hitting a home run, the ceremony with teammate Kim Tae-jin at the dugout became a hot topic. It is a unique ceremony in which the two hold hands,먹튀검증 then bump elbows, rotate their arms, and give high fives from below.

On the 25th, ahead of the demonstration game against LG Twins, Kim Tae-jin met reporters and said, “I wanted to try it with a foreign player. He got close to Russell and suggested we give it a try. He said let’s do it hip,” explaining the background of the joint ceremony.

The suggestion was made by Kim Tae-jin, but the idea for the ceremony came from Russell’s head. Russell explained with a smile, “I made it in 5 minutes in training on the second day after returning from Arizona.”

Unfortunately, when the ceremony premiered the day before, it was not properly captured on the relay screen. Kim Tae-jin said, “I think I was cut from the relay screen because I did it behind the dugout. I have to do it in front. I can understand why (Lee) Jung-hoo is holding a ceremony in front of the dugout.”

He continued, “Wouldn’t it be quicker for Russell to do (the home run ceremony)? I hit the ball barely above the height of a shortstop,” he said, revealing that he expects a lot of home runs from Russell.

How many celebrations can Russell perform with Kim Tae-jin this season? “I haven’t set any specific goals,” he said. He still works every single day. He wants to do as many ceremonies as possible.”

He showed humility, but he is Russell, who recorded up to 21 home runs in one season during his time as a major leaguer. He, who previously wore a Kiwoom uniform, only hit two homers in 65 games in the 2020 season. We need to show a better side this time.

He seems to be doing well to adapt to the team. Kim Tae-jin said, “When I came here before, I heard that I had a timid side, but now I don’t feel it at all.”

Coach Hong Won-ki said, “I will not be happy in one game. Now, the preparation process at the plate and the reaction to pitching are important,” he said, adding that now is the time to focus on the content.

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