Take the boat out of the emblem? Why Manchester Fans Are Angry

Manchester fans are angry.

British media ‘The Sun’ 토토사이트reported on the 20th (Korean time), “Manchester United and Manchester City fans are outraged by the mad campaign to throw away the club’s historic emblem.”

The Manchester United and Manchester City emblems have a big belly. This is because Manchester has been a famous port city since ancient times. Various items came and went to develop the Manchester area in northern England.

However, some critics claim that the ship in this emblem represents the slave trade. Accordingly, they are raising their voices that it is necessary to remove the ship from the emblem.

Local pundits are outraged by the noise. Member Graham Stringer said: “Manchester has nothing to do with the slave trade. This is nonsense,” he drew a line.

“In 1861, during the American Civil War, the people of Manchester protested against slavery. This is the craziest campaign I’ve ever seen.”

Both Manchester United and Manchester City declined to comment on the incident and stressed that they have no plans to change the emblem. Branding experts analyzed that modifying the emblem would cost millions of dollars.

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