Team event ‘Team Trophy’ silver medal… Korean figure skating new history

In the national competition ‘Team Trophy’, where Korean figure skaters participated for the first time, they achieved the feat of winning the first silver medal in history. Cha Jun-hwan and Lee Hae-in, both men’s and women’s champions, wrote a new history by winning first place in free skating side by side.

This is reporter Ha Seong-ryong.


Captain Cha Jun-hwan, who became the first Korean to break 100 points in the short program, took off vigorously in the free skating to the background music of the movie 007토스카지노.

He scored a whopping 4 plus points on his first jump quadruple salchow, and wowed his teammates with two perfect quadruple jumps to the quadruple toeloop.

Although he made two jump mistakes in the second half of his performance, he finished his last performance of the season with a top-notch step and spin.

Cha Jun-hwan showed disappointment in the silver class, but regained his joy by performing the ‘007 ceremony’ with his teammates, and after reaching first place with 187.82 points, he embraced his teammates and cheered.

Malinin of the U.S., who took first place in the short, sluggishly placed 5th, so Junhwan Cha confirmed his first place.

In the women’s single free skating held last night (14th), Lee Hae-in flew the highest.

He jumped 7 times cleanly, breaking his personal best in the short and free, taking first place.

[Lee Hae-in/National Figure Skating Representative: (Team Korea) I was so happy that the members supported me so passionately, and I think I was able to put on a good performance because it seemed to be a great source of strength for me.]

While Kim Ye-rim also ranked third with his personal best score, the national team ranked second after the United States in the combined rankings of the four events, including men’s and women’s singles, figure skating pairs, and ice dance.

With captain Cha Jun-hwan at the center, they wrote a new history of the first medal in the team event and decorated the season finale splendidly.

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