Ten Haag’s answer to Greenwood’s whereabouts he’d never met: “The club will take care of it.”

Manchester local prosecutors announced on the 3rd that they would drop the charges against Mason Greenwood (22, Manchester United) for attempted rape and assault. Greenwood was investigated by police for allegedly sexually assaulting her girlfriend in February of last year. After that, he was put under house arrest and was due to stand trial in November.온라인카지노

Prosecutors said, “The main witness has withdrawn his testimony, and there is no realistic prospect of convicting him as there is no possibility of new evidence coming out. We have a duty to stop the case.”

Greenwood made his United first team debut in 2018 and scored 35 goals and 12 assists in 129 games. Greenwood is still a part of the Manchester United first-team squad.

Manchester United said: “We inform you that the prosecution has dropped all charges against Greenwood. There will be no further comment.” Manchester United look set to push Greenwood back as a player.

Manager Eric Ten Haag was bombarded with questions about Greenwood in a pre-match interview with Crystal Palace. The problem is that director Ten Haag has no time to spend with Greenwood.

From the point of view of ten Haag, who joined Manchester United last summer, he did not have time together, so he was in an ambiguous position to present personal acquaintances or opinions with Greenwood.

“I can’t comment on anything at this point about the Greenwood-related process. I can’t say anything about that,” manager Ten Haag said.

He continued, “The only thing I can say is to refer to the club’s official statement. Other than that, I have nothing to add or comment on.”

When a reporter asked again about the impact of Greenwood’s acquittal on the Manchester United squad, manager Ten Haag drew the line, “We have to focus on the game no matter what. That’s our job.”

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