“The beast is OK, the pitcher is fine”… Despite the 2 consecutive victories in the evaluation match, the mound worries ing [Oh!Ssen Tucson]

 Soo-jin Ya is in OK condition. The mound still needs more practice. 

The Korean WBC baseball team, led by head coach Lee Kang-cheol, won a practice match against the KIA Tigers, 12-6, at Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona on the 20th (hereafter Korean time). The national team won two consecutive victories following an 8-2 victory over NC on the 17th. 

Starting with starting pitcher Gu Chang-mo, Park Se-woong, Kwak Bin, Kim Won-joong, Jeong Cheol-won, So-jun So-jun, Lee Eui-ri, Won Tae-in, and Jung Woo-young checked their senses in order. Some pitchers such as Kwak Bin and So Joon Sohn already showed off their powerful pitches, but Chang-mo Koo, Se-woong Park, Cheol-won Jeong, Eui-ri Lee, and Woo-young Jung still needed more practice.

In the batting line, the ninth hitter Kim Hye-seong stood out. He fell short of a home run in his cycling hits, hitting a heavy hit in the second inning, a double in the third, and a triple in the fifth. All three hits were timely hits accompanied by RBIs.

Manager Lee Kang-cheol, whom we met after the game, said, “I hope the beasts will keep their condition well. I understand that the pitcher is still in the early stages, but I see a player who is coming up a little late. I think I need to prepare well for the next match.” 스포츠토토

Regarding the sluggishness of some pitchers, “There is a problem with the official ball, but now there are many pitchers who have started their first game. It is not easy to judge now that he has only done live pitching once or twice.” 

The story of Kim Hye-sung spread a smile. However, Kim Ha-seong is the backup of the Kim Ha-seong-Tommy Edman Keystone combination. Coach Lee said, “If Kim Ha-seong and Edman join, Kim Hye-seong’s playing time will inevitably be reduced. So she is trying to run a lot now,” he said, “I am not thinking about Kim Hye-sung’s outfield use.” 

When asked if he was worried about the condition of the fielders coming up too quickly, he said, “But the hitter is good now. Only then can it be adjusted in the future, so it is not easy to wait in a state where it has not come up.” He is grateful that he has raised his pace enough to be able to play. He replied, “Everyone has prepared well.”

After training on the 21st and resting on the 22nd, Lee Kang-cheol will play his third practice match against KT on the 23rd. 

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