The ‘big ball’ launched by Lim Young-woong… The Age of Heroes, this time looking for ‘Daepak’

Lim Young-woong effect, not the end. This time it is Daegu FC.

‘National Singer’ Lim Young-woong’s contribution to the K-League is by no means small. Lim Young-woong, who dreamed of becoming a soccer player as a child,메이저사이트 visited Seoul World Cup Stadium, where FC Seoul and Daegu’s K-League 1 round 6 match was held on the 8th, with friendship with Hwang Eui-jo and Ki Sung-yong in Seoul, and started as a kicker.

As the news of the time celebration became known, 25,000 seats were sold within 30 minutes of opening the reservation for the game. On the day of the game, on-site tickets were also sold out.

The stadium was packed with 45,007 spectators. It is the record for the largest number of spectators in domestic professional sports since the spread of Corona 19, and Lim Young-woong’s official fan club,’Heroic Age’, came up from all over the country and filled the stadium with Seoul fans. At halftime, a surprise performance accompanied by a girl group dance turned the hall into a festival ground.

There was one iron rule at the time. In order not to become a ‘jugaegjeon’, the Heroic Age set the dress code for the game to be autonomous, excluding sky blue. The symbolic color of Daegu, the opposing team, was the same sky blue as in the Heroic Age, but it was to prevent misunderstandings of cheering for the away team. The Age of Heroes also announced, “We ask that you respect and protect another culture of the soccer fandom.”

It seems that the ‘hero effect’ will continue. At the time, there were fans from Daegu who visited the Seoul home stadium. They were in the heroic era, but it seemed that they were worried about not being able to cheer for Daegu, the ‘hometown team’. On the 22nd, we decided to visit DGB Daegu Bank Park, the home stadium of Daegu, and cheer for them in person.

Daegu’s Heroic Age directly contacted Daegu supporters, ‘Grazie’. On the 19th, Chairman Grazie, who contacted this magazine, said, “I was contacted through Instagram first. When he visited the Seoul World Cup Stadium, he said he felt sorry for not being able to support Daegu. This time, he asked if I could visit DGB Daegu Bank Park, and of course he said welcome if you came.”

Then he said, “He asked me about this and that. They asked if I could go wearing the goods and costumes from the Heroic Age. I replied that it doesn’t matter. And since it seemed like they had reserved seats for S5, we decided to leave the front seats empty so that we could walk on the hook.”

Even though Lim Young-woong did not visit the Daegu home stadium, it is significant that there are fans who visit the stadium on their own. The number of visitors is not large. The club said, “It seems that about 50 people have booked.” Although there are not many people, Daegu said, “I am grateful that you think so and visit us. Im Young-woong seems to have a really great effect,” he laughed.

Daegu was ranked 10th (6 points) with 1 win, 3 draws and 3 losses. Just before, they played a slugfest with Gwangju FC in the ‘Moonlight Derby’, giving and receiving a total of 7 goals. Although they lost 3-4, they showed off their potential by following 0-3 to 3-3. As many goals were scored, the contents of the game were also lively. Daegu, which escaped from goal drought with Sejingya’s return, is now challenging Daejeon for its second win of the season.

A spring breeze is blowing in the K-League this season. At the end of the 7th round, the total number of spectators in the K-League was 463,649, and the average number of spectators per game reached 11,309. As the new issue heats up, attention is paid to whether the visit to DGB Daegu Bank Park in the Age of Heroes will be born as another story. 

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