The brothers did it! Jeju U-18 Team Recaptures the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award in 5 Years

 Jeju United (hereinafter referred to as Jeju) U-18 youth team won the 45th Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism National High School Football Championship.

Hosted by MBC Gyeongnam Co., Ltd. and Korea Football Association, and supervised by Gyeongnam Football Association and Jinju City Football Association, this tournament was held in Jinju Sports Park from February 13th to February 26th. A total of 40 high school soccer teams from all over the country competed in this competition, and the Jeju U-18 team made it to the final stage with a win-win situation.

The Jeju U-18 team, which belonged to Group J of the preliminaries, defeated Chungju Commercial High School (3-0 win) and Pyeongtaek FC (8-0), and drew Bucheon FC 1995 1-1, advancing to the round of 16 in first place. Afterwards, Jeju defeated Masan Technical High School, Gyeonggi FC Gwangmyeong Citizen U18, and Seoul E-Land in turn to advance to the finals.

The opponent in the final was Daegu Daeryun High School. It was a strong team that allowed only 4 goals before the final, but Jeju scored 2 goals in the first half and seized the victory early. In the 19th minute of the first half, Choi Byeong-wook broke the opponent’s defender in front of the gate and scored the first goal, followed by Jeon Min-gyu’s 2-1 pass in the 38th minute, calmly finishing the game and scoring an additional goal.

Daeryungo’s counterattack intensified in the second half, but the Jeju U-18 team did not lose focus on defense and ended the game with victory. The Jeju U-18 team, which climbed to the top of the Geumseok Cup in 2017 and achieved the feat of winning the first national championship in its establishment, succeeded in recapturing the top of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 5 years following 2018, solidifying its position as a strong player.

Captain Park Min-jae, who showed stable performance during the tournament, said, “It was very difficult during the winter season. There were times when the game didn’t work out well and there were many injuries, but I think I won this tournament because the players followed me well. I really want to say thank you.” said.

In the first year of 2017 when he joined the Jeju U-18 youth team coach, he won the first national championship, Geum Seok-bae. enjoyed the joy of becoming a

In particular, coach Lee Sang-ho is a leader who knows Jeju better than anyone else. He joined Bucheon SK in 2004 and played an active role in Jeju until 2010. In 2008, he was selected as the national team for the East Asian Football Championship and made his A-match debut in the second match against North Korea. In 2010, when Jeju won the league runner-up, he played an active part as a main side defender.

Coach Lee Sang-ho said, “We are a professional youth team that values ​​growth. If the players can eat the fruit of success like this, they will gain more confidence in the process of development. I will dedicate myself to it,” he said.안전놀이터

In addition, the Jeju U-18 youth team won the Best Coach Award coach Lee Sang-ho, Best Coach Cho Won-gwang Coach, Best Player Award captain Park Min-jae (Junior), Offensive Award Choi Byeong-wook (Junior), Best GK Award Joo Seung-min (Sophomore), Best Young Player Award Kim Jin-ho ( 2nd grade) and showed off his potential to sweep individual awards.

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