The dark history of FC Seoul summoned by ‘Lim Young-woong Sichuk’… A dizzying (?) mistake made by T-ara

In the professional football match between Seoul and Daegu on the 8th, singer Lim Young-woong is a hot topic. Upon hearing that Lim Young-woong먹튀검증, a trot idol with a huge fandom, will appear in the Seoul game, 20,000 tickets were sold as soon as the reservation was opened, and it is expected that ‘40,000 spectators of dreams’ will gather on the day. Youngwoong Lim asked for a special dress code through his fan cafe to not wear sky blue outfits. This is because the official color of his fan cafe and Daegu’s symbol color overlap with sky blue. Seoul invited T-ara, a popular girl group at the time, to a home match against Jeonbuk in March 2010, and they were greatly embarrassed when they came wearing fluorescent green outfits, the symbol of Jeonbuk. T-ara’s dizzying (?) mistake, summoned by Mr.

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