The story of Physio Lee Yong-hee, ‘the hand of Midas who created a major champion’

In 2020, Kim Se-young won the KPMG Women’s Championship. It was his first major championship win. The glory of winning lies with the player himself, but behind the scenes, there is someone who helped him without anyone knowing.

Lee Yong-hee, a name that may be unfamiliar to other people, but a golf professional Physio followed by many golfers. Lee Yong-Hee Physio, who is responsible for many things from conditioning care to injury management and rehabilitation, what is golf training he thinks? I was able to meet Physio Lee Yong-hee at Monster Gym.

Lee Yong-hee Physio’s full-fledged involvement in golf began with an accidental opportunity. When he was working as a rehabilitation specialist at a hospital, when the hospital was designated as a medical support hospital for the KLPGA competition, he spent one year as a medical team leader.

While taking care of the players for a year, he had the desire to help the golf players, and immediately started his Physio career in earnest at the training center located at the SKY 72 golf course in Yeongjong Island.

His role is to help players improve their skills through treatment and exercise according to their condition. After going to Yeongjong Island, five years ago, he took care of players at the dream stage LPGA. He is currently in charge of training Kim Se-young and is one of the main characters who are creating the ‘magic of the red pants’ together.

Lee Yong-hee Physio’s day is busy. He wakes up early in the morning, checks the player’s condition, and draws up a curriculum for what kind of exercise or treatment to do. And he spends his days teaching or helping players with that curriculum.

Physio Lee said, “When caring for amateur players, care was focused on preventing their growth or injury, but in the case of pros, it is a situation where results must be produced quickly, so a program that can speed up recovery or treatment It’s focused,” he explained.

He continued, “Because the competition is held in a different place every week, there is absolutely no time to build the body. That’s why I’m paying attention to the part where I can create and execute a program in a short amount of time.” explained that they were doing

Most people assume that golfers don’t need as many muscles as regular athletes. However, this physio cuts it off: “It’s all prejudice.” He added, “The reason why you need muscles is closely related to physical strength. Since physical strength is achieved only when muscle mass is supported, muscles are essential for physical strength and distance.”안전놀이터

What is the most important muscle in a golf player? This Physio picked ‘Core’ first. Next, he picked the hips and waist, and explained that the core that can support the spine is the most important, and the lower body muscle strength that can maintain good physical strength is also important.

He also had time to talk about Kim Se-young, whom he is currently caring for. Regarding Kim Se-young, she has a true professional attitude, saying, “Because I did various exercises before golf, I have innate flexibility. And because I have excellent self-management skills, I manage my flexibility by stretching every evening.” I praised Kim Se-young.

It has been 5 years since entering the world of the LPGA, and although it can be difficult in a faraway country, Lee Yong-hee, who is satisfied that the players are following the training program well.

“Amateur golfers are only interested in distance when they think about muscle strength or exercise, thinking about lifting heavy weights and lifting weights, but I think it’s a good way to focus on flexibility and approach because amateurs I play golf to have fun in my life. If you lack flexibility, you use muscles you don’t need, and if you overdo it, you get sick and even stop playing golf. I hope.”

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