The WKBL free agency market has finally begun, which quasi-level players should pay attention to? (One)

WKBL’s FA market has begun.

In the past few years, free agent acquisitions have had a huge impact on the team’s performance. In the 2021-2022 season, Cheongju KB, which recruited Kang Iseul (180cm, F), won the championship, and in the 2022-2023 season, Asan Woori Bank, which recruited Kim Dan-bi (180cm, F), won the championship. Busan BNK also fully enjoyed the effect of recruiting Kim Han-byeol. As such, FA recruiting is receiving more attention.

At the end of the first free agency negotiations, Incheon Shinhan Bank’s Lee Gyeong-eun (173cm, G) decided to renew the contract, and Lee Sa-bin (173cm, G) decided to retire. There are still 14 players on the market in free agency. Among them, Kim Jong-un (179cm, F), Kim Han-byeol (178cm, F), Kang Iseul (180cm, F), and Kim Jin-young (177cm, F) are selected as the biggest players among FA players.

But besides those players, there are other players to keep an eye on. Go A-ra (179cm, F), who contributed to Woori Bank’s combined victory토토사이트, Shim Seong-yeong (165cm, G), Kim So-dam (185cm, C), and Choi Hee-jin (180cm, F) of KB are the main characters.

#Woori Bank Go Ara Regular Season Results
1. Matches played: 24 matches
2. Average playing time: 19 minutes
3. Average points scored: 5.7 points
4. Average rebounds: 3
5. 3-point shot success rate: 36%

Go Ara came to Woori Bank through trade. He did not receive many roles at the beginning of the season, but over time he recovered his physical condition and adapted to Woori Bank basketball. Especially on the outskirts. Go Ara’s career 3-point shooting success rate is 26%, but this season he boasted a 3-point shooting success rate of 36%. He boldly attempted a three-point shot in the space created by other players. This is one of the reasons Woori Bank’s attack could be sharp.

Go Ara’s performance continued in the playoffs. He was a huge force on our poor bank bench. That’s how he played a big role in becoming the champion.

#KB Shim Seong-young Regular season performance
1. Matches played: 30 games
2. Average playing time: 21 minutes
3. Average points scored: 7.2 points
4. Average rebounds: 2.6 5.
Average assists: 1.7
6. Free throw percentage: 80

% Young scored double digits for the first time in his life in the 2020-2021 season. However, he suffered from Yatoo Hunting in the 2021-2022 season. And he failed to score in double digits this season as well.

However, due to team circumstances, the tough shot was emphasized. Park Ji-soo (196cm, C) came out more actively to fill the vacancy. He continued to break through with his speed and showed an accurate free throw success rate. Although KB’s offense wasn’t great, Sim Seong-young played his role well enough. With the added support of his teammates, he is still a player who can play an important role in attack.

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