“There is no 6 selection system”… Saturated starting lineup SSG, the competition for the remaining two spots has begun

SSG Landers needs to confirm the 5 starting rotation resources ahead of this season. In an interview before departing for Vero Beach, Florida, USA, the spring camp at the end of last month, manager Kim Won-hyung said, “One of the starting candidates who throws the best will go to the bullpen,” foreshadowing competition for starting positions.스포츠토토

New foreign pitchers Eni Romero, Kirk McCarty and Kim “KK” Gwang-hyeon are expected to occupy the top three spots in the starting rotation. If so, it means that Park Jong-hoon, Moon Seung-won, and Oh Won-seok will have to compete fiercely for the remaining two spots.

Park Jong-hoon and Moon Seung-won returned midway through last season after undergoing elbow surgery in 2021 and going through a year of rehabilitation. Park Jong-hoon, who returned, was the starter, and Moon Seung-won was active as a bullpen resource. But maybe it’s because he just got back from his injury. Park Jong-hoon recorded an average ERA of 6.00 with 34 runs (32 ERA) in 48 innings with 3 wins and 5 losses in 11 games. Moon Seung-won finished the season with 23 matches, 1 win, 1 loss, 3 saves, 3 holds, 24⅔ innings, 15 runs (14 ERA), and an average ERA of 5.11.

Both players need to show better performances than last season. Director Kim Won-hyung also expressed his anticipation. Director Kim said, “After elbow surgery, they say that my skills come out from the second year of my return.” Park Jong-hoon and Moon Seung-won also expressed their determination to shake off their sluggishness. Park Jong-hoon said, “I have no excuses now. I have to do well this year,” and Moon Seung-won said, “I have to show my skills. Last season’s bullpen experience helped me a lot.”

There is also a young gun, Oh Won-seok, who competes with the two pitchers. Oh Won-seok has been steadily receiving starting opportunities since the 2021 season. Last season, he went 6-8 in 31 games (24 starts), gave up 79 runs (72 earned runs) in 144 innings, and had a 4.50 earned run average. He also played an active role as a bullpen pitcher at the end of the season, but started in Game 3 of the Korean Series against Kiwoom Heroes, giving up 1 run in 5⅔ innings (1 earned run), 5 hits, 2 walks, and 7 strikeouts.

If Oh Won-seok enters the starting rotation, the biggest problem is that there will only be four left-handers. Both the two foreign pitchers recruited this season and Kim Gwang-hyun are left-handed pitchers. However, manager Kim Won-hyeong left the possibility open, saying, “A right-handed or left-handed pitcher can throw well. It is important to throw well. Leaning to one side is not a big problem.” Oh Won-seok said, “I haven’t talked about the position yet. I’m preparing as a starting pitcher.”

Park Jong-hoon and Oh Won-seok shouted a double-digit victory as their goal this season. If he plays as a starting pitcher, he is determined to win at least 10 games. Moon Seung-won did not set a specific number as a goal. He has a plan to do just one better than last season.

All three of them are good resources, but coach Kim Won-hyeong nailed it saying that there is no plan to go out with a 6-starter system. He thinks the bullpen is weak. Coach Kim said, “6 starts is burdensome. The bullpen is weak, but if you go with a 6 starter system, the starting pitchers have to throw 6-7 innings every game.”

The SSG starting rotation has not yet been confirmed. All possibilities are still open. It seems that the starting rotation will be decided according to the performance in the own Cheongbaekjeon, practice game, and demonstration game. A

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