Ulsan Cho Hyeon-taek, who returned as a ‘questioner’, “I will compete even to participate, I will prove myself”

Ulsan Hyundai defender Jo Hyeon-taek (22) turned into a ‘questioner’.

Cho Hyun-taek joined Ulsan in 2020. However, there was no place for him in Ulsan. He could not play a single game in the first division, and from 2021 he was loaned to Bucheon FC for two years. And he started to show his skills. In particular, Cho Hyun-taek played in 34 games last season and was the vitality of Bucheon with 6 goals and 4 assists. He was also selected as the best 11 in the second part at the awards ceremony. 메이저사이트

So he returned to Ulsan again. Born in 2001, he is one of Ulsan’s influential under-22 (U-22) resources this season. Cho Hyun-taek met with the reporters at the media camp and said, “Last season’s winning team. As a member of the team, he tries to fulfill his role as a player. There is some pressure, but he is working with a learning mindset.”

Cho Hyun-taek’s main position is left flank defense. He has to compete with his existing resources such as Lee Myung-jae and Seol Young-woo. It is also a task that Cho Hyun-taek has to overcome. Cho Hyun-taek said, “The hyungs are so good. He also thinks that there will be a difference between Part 2 and Part 1. For a team called Ulsan, even participating in a game is a competition. My strength is kicking or passing. He is focusing on taking chances rather than attacking points. I am also greedy,” he emphasized.

For this, Cho Hyun-taek is pouring out questions from his training to his older brothers. I am communicating with Lee Myung-jae and Seol Young-woo, who are in the same position, as well as veteran Lee Chung-yong, the captain of last season. Cho Hyun-taek said, “I ask Chung-yong hyung about my role and play style on the side. He explained, “Myung-jae hyung and Young-woo hyung, who are in the same position, are asking a lot about their position when building up on the defensive side.”

Cho Hyun-taek is also on board the U-23 national team led by coach Hwang Seon-hong. In September, the Hangzhou Asian Games await. Cho Hyun-taek said, “In order to be selected for the national team, he must consistently show good form in his team. He has to prove himself with his skills. He wants to overcome the pressure and play as many games as possible. Still, he wants to play 15 to 20 games,” he said with strength.

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