Understanding League of Legends Odds

eSports is a growing market, one that generates much competition between online sportsbooks and LoL gambling sites. When calculating LoL odds, bookies consider several variables, such as a team’s current win rate, their performance at past events, individual players’ performances, historical results between the teams, and more. Tournament structure, including the three-round matches, also affect the LoL odds sportsbooks offer bettors. 토토사이트

Given that LoL is a purely multiplayer-focused game, Riot wants to keep gameplay fresh for both players and spectators alike. The developer releases patches, or updates, every week that tweak various aspects of the game. These tweaks include item changes, champion editions as well as changes to creatures on the map. Online sportsbooks follow these patches with interest and amend their LoL odds with each update.

Every few months Riot makes major changes to the game, known as meta shifts. These updates mean players cannot use the same champions in every game. Based on what is ‘in-meta’ at the time, different teams and compositions can be more effective than others. eSports bettors can win big on these meta shifts if they back an underdog in a tournament.

The main competing regions include North America, Europe, South Korea, and LPL, and each has its professional league: League of Legends Championship Series (USA and Canada), the League of Legends European Championships (Europe), League of Legends Champions Korea (South Korea) and League of Legends Pro League (China). A small number of wildcards are offered to teams that do not fall within these regions.

Teams earn points in these leagues that help them secure a place in qualification events that take place throughout the year. Competition is fierce, with household names and up-and-coming teams battling to qualify for the main LoL events. Gambling in these leagues can be exciting and rewarding, but it pays to do some research. Use our betting tips to give yourself the best chance of winning real money in these League of Legend events.

Besides Worlds, the second-biggest event in the LoL calendar is the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI). Held between the spring and summer seasons and hosted by Riot Games, MSI pitches the world’s best teams against each other. This event may be smaller than Worlds, but there are still plenty of LoL bets to make in this event.

For more experienced LoL bettors, the smaller leagues and events can be the most fun – and lucrative. Up-and-coming teams can knock regulars out of tournaments in surprising upsets, and new kids on the block can make a name for themselves without being overshadowed by the pros.

Bettors can find League of Legends odds on the big sportsbooks, as well as on specific League of Legends gambling sites. Simply choose a regulated and licensed site to bet on, register an account, deposit some credit, and start winning today.

Thanks to these meta shifts, the League of Legends betting scene remains exciting and fresh. These updates prevent one LoL team from gaining an unfair advantage and avoid League of Legends tournaments from becoming too predictable and boring.

To start betting on League of Legends, check out our compilation of the most common LoL wagers below.

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