As expected, the New York Yankees recruited left-hander Carlos Rodon (30). 6 years, 162 million dollars (212.2 billion won). $27 million annual salary. It remains to pass the physical examination. After investing 360 million dollars (471.6 billion won) in 9 years with home run king Aaron Judge, he spent a lot of money to reinforce the mound.

Recruiting Rodon is a step toward the World Series. Former captain Derek Jeter’s adage, “The Yankees have a failed season unless they win the World Series,” still holds true. Winning the WS is the team’s primary goal. But lately, they haven’t even made it. 2009 is the team’s last WS championship. In 10 years, the 2010s did not advance at all. It is the first time since the early 1910s and 1920s.

Another one is a check against the Toronto Blue Jays, who are competing for the American League East division title. In the 2022 season, the Yankees won 99-63 and Toronto 92-70, advancing to the postseason with a district championship and a wild card. It’s a battle between the two teams this year. Toronto bolstered its starting rotation last week by acquiring former New York Mets Chris Bassett for a three-year, $63 million deal.

Agent Scott Boras told the media that Rodon’s contract had been extended to seven years. On 34-year-old Jacob deGrom’s five-year, $185 million contract with the Texas Rangers, the 30-year-old Lawdon rightfully claimed seven years. Until the winter meeting, Rodon’s contract period was generally four years.

Rodon and deGrom have an incomparable gap in career records. DeGrom has the best pitch in his career, having won two Cy Young Awards. Rodon was a prospect selected in the first round by the Chicago White Sox in 2014. After his nomination he made his debut a year later. However, he fell short of expectations due to minor and major injuries.

July 2016 Left wrist injured list 26 days, March-June 2017 Biceps brachii inflammation 90 days, September 2017-June 2018 Shoulder surgery 104 days, May-October 2019 Elbow ligament joint surgery 183 It is 2022 that the season continued with normality, including 52 days of shoulder pain in August 2020 and 19 days of shoulder fatigue in August 2021. In the end, it became a stepping stone to the jackpot.

After the 2020 season, he became a free agent and signed with his parents’ Chicago White Sox. After the 2021 season, after signing a two-year, $44 million contract with the SF Giants, he became a free agent again with an opt-out and faced an astronomical $162 million. In his two seasons, he went 27-13 with a 2.67 earned run average and threw 367.2 innings, striking out 422 batters. It is 12.2 based on 9 innings.

Although Rodon has been plagued by injuries for a long time, the driving force behind his success is his strikeout. Only six people, including Rodon, have struck out 12 or more in nine innings for two consecutive years while pitching at least 125 innings in MLB history. Arizona Diamondbacks Randy Johnson 5 times (1997-2001), Boston Red Sox Chris Sale 3 times (2017-2019), Washington Nationals Max Scherzer 3 times (2017-2019), Rodon, Houston Astros Gerrit Cole (2018-2019) 2019) and Justin Verlander (2017-2018) wrote the second episode. 토토

Yankee Stadium, which favors lefties, is traditionally a stadium that requires lefties. Legends Ron Guidry, Andy Pettit, and CC Sabathia are among them. The current expected five-man starting rotation is Gerrit Cole, Carlos Rodon (left), Nestor Cotetz (left), Lewis Surveyiro, Frankie Montas, insurance agent Herman Dominguez, Clark Schmidt, and Dem Garcia.

It is interesting to see if Rodon’s recruitment will make his dream of advancing to the World Series come true.