When Hanwha fills 2%, Choi Won-ho turns into a batting ball pitcher

The Hanwha Eagles’ specialty continues, and this time it’s batting ball pitcher Choi Won-ho.

Hanwha continued its unbeaten streak after having its eight-game winning streak snapped with a 5-3 victory over Lotte in Daejeon on May 5. The team also held a postgame batting circle, with Choi Won-ho personally throwing balls for the players.토토사이트

Kwon Kwang-min, Lee Min-joon, Park Sang-un, Kim Tae-yeon, and Lee Jin-young were the five members of the batting order. “I threw the ball because the staff member who was supposed to throw it was a little out of control,” said Choi Won-ho, who laughed, “In Seosan, I always threw the ball for special teams. The timing wasn’t right here,” he said.

Hanwha, which suffered from a batting slump at the beginning of the season, has seen a noticeable improvement in the overall hitting of its batters since Choi’s arrival. “I can’t say it’s a success,” Choi said. But it’s meaningful that the staff has created an environment.”

“Players in their 20s who don’t play in the main team don’t have enough training. They play better when they are in the right environment, but if they don’t have the right environment, they can’t see it. That’s why (the environment) is laid out,” Choi explained.

The special teams are mandatory for non-starters, and some players who have been in the starting lineup volunteer to join. “We don’t have time before the game. The starters may want to play more, but they can’t because they have a limited amount of time.” The team makes up for the lack of training by playing specialty games.

He does the same thing on the road. On the road, training time is shorter, but splitting the team into two locations allows them to double their training. “On the road, if you’re in the last group, you can’t even hit a few shots,” Choi explains, “but if you’re in a specialty group, you can hit your shots and the other players can hit their shots.

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