Will Samsung’s ‘completely changed’ foreign lineup shake off last season’s disappointment?

Seoul Samsung filled both foreign player positions with new faces. Kofi Coburn (24, 210 cm, center) and Ishmael Lane (26 203 cm, forward) are the main characters.

Last year, Samsung had difficulties with foreign players. This is a phenomenon that often occurs in low-ranking teams, and even Samsung has not been able to avoid it.

Samsung, which started the season with the combination of Emmanuel Terry and Marcus Derrickson, had definite difficulties with the keyword mercenary after Derrickson left due to injury. They had to replace both players, and due to injuries to domestic players, they had to hover in the bottom tier again.

Samsung, which had been struggling with the keyword foreign players after the season, eventually filled its lineup with new faces in Coburn and Lane.

The two players joined at the end of August and have been participating in field training in Nagoya, Japan since the 11th.

During a practice game with Seahorse Mika held on the 12th, the true identity of the two players was confirmed.

First, Coburn was clearly superior in height and hardware. Just looking at him gave him a strong feeling, as can be seen from his height and weight of 210cm and 130kg.

The game began, and Coburn was matched up with an opponent whose hardware was no different from his own. It was close. The matchup of the two players was like watching a sumo match. Coburn’s main offensive route was a hook shot or floater thrown after posting up. It seemed to be somewhere between the two shooting stances.

Mid-range jumpers and 3-point shots were rarely attempted. There were almost no face-up scenes. In practice, most shots were post-ups. On this day, Coburn recorded 15 points, 14 rebounds, and 3 assists. He played 30 minutes.

He attempted 20 two-point shots and made only 5 of them. He threw 6 free throws and 5 of them hit the rim. He had a field goal percentage of 25% and a free throw percentage of 83%.

Considering that it has been less than a week since I joined, there was a huge element of hope. Considering that the team had a stable free throw success rate and that there was somewhat less pressure on height compared to the Japanese league, the field goal success rate could rise. Judging by the hardware and rebound numbers, it was a game that could have given high scores in the keyword of board control. This is definitely an element that Samsung needs.

However, there seemed to be quite a bit of disappointment with the transition and defensive range. Perhaps due to his lack of stamina, there were several instances where he remained in the front court during the opponent’s fast break, and space was often exposed to the opponent’s center’s mid-range play.

It was Coburn’s first game where hope and homework coexisted.

Let’s take a look around the lane. Lane is a typical forward type. Close to number 4. He played 23 minutes in the game that day. He had 14 points and 12 rebounds. The total score was 2 points. He attempted 13. The success rate was 38%. He did not attempt a 3-point shot. He made 4 free throws and succeeded in 1.

Lane played in the B-League called Earth Friends Tokyo Z last season. He appeared in 32 games, averaging 33 minutes while recording 17 points, 10.5 rebounds, 1.7 assists, 1.1 steals and 2 turnovers. The 2-point shot success rate was 52% and the 3-point shot success rate was 22%. Free throws were 73%.

The 3-point shooting success rate caught my eye. It was low. It did not seem like something that would be easily improved in the future. It was a scoring route and style that was no different from today’s record.

There was an invisible advantage. Participation in offensive and defensive rebounding, passion, and activity radius were wide. He also had transition ability. He clearly had the advantage of boosting his energy levels. He could see his abilities as a mood changer card.먹튀검증

A Samsung official said, “These players were recruited with the expectation that their performance would be better than today’s. It has been less than a week since I entered the country. Condition is only about 60%. The numbers related to shooting success rate will obviously vary. Coburn believes that it will definitely help Inside, which has been pointed out as weak. Lane is no different. “I think he’s going to play a little bit better,” he said.

Foreign player trouble. It was a word that Samsung could not avoid even last season. Will the two players be able to shake off Samsung’s disappointment?

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