Yang Hyun-joon, who was weighed down by the burden, ended in tears… Director Choi Yong-soo “will come back to life, skills don’t lie”

Yang Hyeon-joon (20, Gangwon FC), who has been struggling since the beginning of this year, finally shed tears when he was weighed down by the burden. Director Choi Yong-soo (49) gave strength to him by sending a firm belief, saying, “He will definitely come back to life.”

Yang Hyun-joon has been going through ups and downs since the beginning of this season. Last year, he won the ‘K League 1 Young Player Award’ and was called by former coach Paulo Bento (53, Portugal) and showed an amazing performance to the extent of wearing the Taegeuk mark먹튀검증. I am unable to show

In fact, Yang Hyun-joon started all six games this season, except for the fourth round, which he missed due to surgery due to a fractured nasal bone. However, he has no offensive points yet. The bigger problem is that while hitting 9 shots, the effective shot is only 1 time, so I can’t create a chance to do this. Advantages such as reckless breakthrough and sharp movements have also disappeared.

Eventually, as the pressure intensified, Yang Hyun-joon shed tears while greeting supporters ‘Narsha’ immediately after the match against Jeju United (0-1 loss) on the 9th. He fell into a slump in the beginning, and when the team’s performance was not good, he felt responsible and vomited out his difficult resentment.

Seeing Yang Hyeon-joon like this, Director Choi encouraged him that there was no need to blame himself while getting frustrated right now. He said, “You will probably feel anxious in this situation. However, at that age, if you think pessimistically, your performance will drop and it can lead to a long-term slump.” You don’t have to have it,” he advised.

“Rather, at times like this, I think a better opportunity will come if I help my teammates play well next to me,” he said. did.

Director Choi continued, “Hyeonjun talked about it last year, but he expected that there would be ups and downs someday. At this time, there is no point in taming it.” “I looked at him with a positive gaze.

Director Choi, who embraced Yang Hyun-jun, said, “There were good times and there were bad times. I ran without hesitation, but when I look back, there are many memories of bad times and sluggish times.” I was able to enjoy soccer, but I struggled under the pressure of competition in the world of competition with strength in my body.”

When asked about the most difficult and regrettable time, he picked the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup and said, “I even thought about whether it would have been better not to have played. My son also says something about missing a shot (against the US). he laughed.

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