“You gave me 200,000 won…I’m in tears.” Optician who saved an elderly man living alone

An elderly man, living alone, suddenly collapsed while walking down the street. He didn’t want to call 911 because he didn’t have any money, but a nearby shopkeeper came to his aid토토사이트, and he was able to get medical attention in time.

A young reporter tells us what happened.


At the entrance of the store, the man falls to the ground.

After a while, he stands up, pushes the door open, and sits down again.

He tries to stand up for over 10 minutes, but eventually gives up and leans back against the wall.

[Ban Tae-hoon : His heart is pounding and his head is spinning].

He sits there for a while with his eyes closed, but people walk by and time passes.

At that moment, Mr. Kim Mo, the owner of the glasses shop across the street, approaches.

[Kim Mo / Optician: It’s like having a heart attack, it’s a super quarrel].

After chatting, he goes back into the store.

[Mr. Kim/Optician: I told him I’d call 911, but he refused, saying he was on welfare…] He comes out with cash.

He comes out with cash.

[Ban Tae-hoon: He gave me 200,000 won and squeezed my hand, asking me if I cared about money or life…] The old man said, “I don’t care.

Even in his dazed state, the old man remembered what Mr. Kim had said.

[Ban Tae-hoon: ‘You don’t have to pay this money back’].

After being treated in time, the old man went to an optician after being discharged from the hospital.

[Ban Tae-hoon : I keep getting teary-eyed, in such an urgent world…]

Mr. Kim said he didn’t show his face and was just doing his job.

[Ms. Kim/Optometrist: It’s so trivial, he could be me].

The world is still livable.

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